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Chatbots: From “stupid hello-sayer” to real help

Oct 22 2019

Chatbots and AI are currently very popular topics. No wonder, after all, current technologies enable us to have a meaningful and helpful…

WPF – The standard not only for LOB desktop software

Oct 09 2019

WPF – short for Windows Presentation Foundation – is still considered the best standard for developing desktop software for Windows computers, especially…

Light language is n.e. not so hard

Oct 04 2019

Verbal language is just as much a part of the user experience as images or sounds. Too often, our language is too…

Design services for startups

Oct 03 2019

What can good design achieve? What do you really need? Why does a company need a logo? Fittings Website

Correctly implement the criteria of the BITV – Accessibility Information Technology Regulation

Oct 03 2019

In order to design and programme IT solutions barrier-free for all concerned, the criteria of the BITV are available as helpful tools.…

Useable for everyone – Why accessibility is important in IT solutions

Oct 02 2019

Accessibility also ensures people with restrictions of various kinds and characteristics to participate in social life, in working life and in IT…

Mobile UI design – for more chic apps

Sep 30 2019

Why is a specific UI design important? How do I create a UI theme for an app? Example of a mobile UI…

WordPress – From own demand to business for customers

Sep 30 2019

No matter if you are a company, association or private person – if you want to run your own website, you often…