Digital accessibility for everyone! as an accessible book

The book “Digital Accessibility for All!” by Peggy Reuter-Heinrich is now accessible in various formats – as a paperback, as an accessible PDF and e-book as well as as an audio book!

Immerse yourself in over 220 pages that make the complex topic of digital accessibility easy and inspiring to understand. The book is the perfect companion on the path to successful digital inclusion. It is the ideal manual for all people who want or need to actively implement digital accessibility.

Here is an overview of the valuable content:

Successful digital inclusion
Your benefit from accessibility
Understanding Disabilities
Recognize shared responsibility
Understand the 98 BITV rules
Assess accessibility yourself
Implementation of accessibility
Learn easy language
Contact person for inclusion

Let’s rethink together and act actively to enable digital inclusion for everyone.

Regardless of whether you prefer to hold a paperback in your hands, prefer the flexibility of an e-book, want barrier-free use via PDF or prefer to hear the content – this accessible book offers the right option for everyone. In bookstores via ISBN: 978-3000699269

Available directly in the HeiReS Store.