HeiReS assumes social responsibility

Entrepreneurship also means assuming social responsibility. We do this in many ways, both internally and externally. Under the motto “Doing good and talking about it”, we would like to present a few things here that may serve as inspiration.

  • Design, content, development of the platform Familie-und-Beruf.online
  • Design, content, development of the platform Welcome-App-Germany.de
  • Independent spin-off of the non-profit IT hilft gGmbH
  • Support for the charitable projects of IT hilft gGmbH
  • Specialization in inclusive design and accessible development
  • Commitment to family friendliness, cosmopolitanism, inclusion
  • Approx. 1% of annual sales as donations to public welfare projects

Whether it’s free digital platforms for the disadvantaged, a joint commitment to cosmopolitanism and family-friendliness, donations to charitable organizations or the spin-off of a non-profit company – we assume social responsibility as entrepreneurs. We don’t talk. We act. We take action.

We also live social responsibility internally. Family-friendliness, cosmopolitanism, diversity and fairness are among our values. In addition to good togetherness, anyone can come to us if there is a problem. In cooperation we always find a solution for the individual. We are happy about our colorful team, where everyone wins through diversity.

Social projects together with IT hilft gGmbH

Welcome-App-Germany – since 2015
  • Since 2015
  • 16 integrated languages
  • 10 main categories with extensive information for immigrants in Germany
  • More than 80 subcategories
  • 27 integrated regions with over 500 helpful local addresses
  • As app, software and website
Familie-und-Beruf – since 2018
  • since 2018
  • 11 integrated languages
  • 15 main categories with extensive information about family and career
  • More than 80 subcategories
  • Pilot region Dresden, Saxony and Augustusburg with over 500 local contacts
  • As app, software and website
IT hilft gGmbH
  • Since 2017
  • Supported over 10 non-profit IT projects
  • For practiced openness to the world and successful integration
  • For fair opportunities in the labor market and society
  • For better teaching and learning
  • For accessibility and inclusion

You would like to support us in our commitment? Or you would like to support our common good projects? And you want to place a meaningful donation?

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