How to successfully reach your target group

With our explanatory videos, we transport your message simply, pictorially, barrier-free and with voice-over to the people you want to reach.

Our everyday life is becoming more and more complex and the increasing flood of information overwhelms many. Explainer videos are a helpful bridge and the ideal way to increase your reach. Through explainer videos, you enable more people to better participate in important topics. The vivid sound-image-text combination makes it much easier to understand the content.


You will receive a finished video.
They reach large target groups.
Your message is understood.
This creates more success for you.
You yourself have no expense.

Everyone benefits from accessible explainer videos – including you

Local, state and federal government Benefit from well-implemented inclusion and successful integration
Responsible companies can thus reach an extended target group as customers or employees
Foundations and public benefit organizations better represent their added values for society and thus increase the chance of support.
State and public sector can thus educate their citizens in a simple way about complicated contexts, specifications and important innovations.
Modern teachers can use engaging digital media to better support their students’ learning.
Complex processes such as technical products or complicated processes are thus better explained to users.
Citizens can more easily understand the laws and regulations through comprehensible explanatory videos.

If any of these questions apply to you, we can make an explainer video for you.

  • You would like to be supported in your charitable project?
  • It is important to you that all people understand your message?
  • Do you need experience in producing accessible explainer videos?
  • You take social responsibility and want to help others?
  • You want to inspire as many people as possible with your content?
  • Looking for a team to handle the production of your explainer video?
  • Accessibility and inclusion are legal requirements for your IT project?
  • Your product helps others for the common good?

Through explanatory videos you can also reach people with disabilities

People with learning difficulties can better understand complex content through animated films
Functional illiterates can understand important content through figurative language and listening
Blind people hear the information content in complete stories
Deaf and hard of hearing read the subtitles and see the picture stories.
German Learners understand the new language through listening, reading along and supplementary pictures.
Seniors and dementia patients helps the clear, simplified and large presentation of the content.
Children can understand complex things through animated child-friendly sketchy explanatory videos.

Here you can see some examples from our over 100 explainer videos:

Software for care services (CuraCAT)

Association work (2nd-Hand-Tiere e. V.)

The bark beetle (SPD OV Dresden)

About the Welcome App (HeiReS GmbH)

Violence against children (family-and-work)

The application (family-and-work)

Environmental protection (Welcome-App-Germany)

First aid (family-and-profession)

Short-time work (family-and-work)

A few quotes from our enthusiastic clients

Lars Heinrich – Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH Managing Director of HeiReS

Almost 100 videos have been created for the Welcome-App-Germany and Familie-und-Beruf platforms that we programmed. These explanatory videos are a great addition to the texts, some of which are quite complicated. That’s great – especially for the users.

Tine Schütt – 2. hand animals e.V. Chairwoman animal welfare association

Your explanatory video for our club is absolutely great. In a funny and appealing way, you explain in a nice and simple way what our club does. We have never been able to do that with the website. Thank you!

Dr. Viola Vogel – SPD Dresden Member of the Dresden City Council and the SPD parliamentary group

I am totally thrilled. Thanks to your fantastic explanatory videos, we were able to reach far more people than with flyers, for example. In particular, the citizens now understand the importance of our concerns.

Satisfied explainer video clients

These companies have commissioned explanatory videos from us that serve the common good. It was not about their products, advertising for the company or commercial contexts. In this way, the companies have practiced their social responsibility in an exemplary manner. Soon you can also be among such exemplary companies and thus among the winners.

High time to change that! Make the world a little better with us.

Our explainer videos successfully convey your message to everyone.
In this way, you sustainably advance your non-profit project!

Our work performance for your future explainer video

1. recording your destination in the dialog

Present your concern, your idea and your message to us in a personal dialog. Together we will develop a custom-fit, optimal solution for you.

2. elaboration of the text

The text for an optimal, media-appropriate small video story is expertly created for you. In doing so, we bring experience and sensitivity for the social sector.

3. illustration and animation

To the created text, we now create a visually appealing and easily comprehensible story through illustration and animation.

4. acceptance and correction

We show you the intermediate result of text, animation and robot voice in an online presentation. This allows you to incorporate any change requests you may have.

5. recording of the texts

If everything is to your liking, an experienced speaker will now speak the text to match the image sequences, which sounds more appealing than a robot voice.

6. various end formats

Different final formats are possible. As a rule, we deliver an HP4 file in FullHD landscape. However, we are happy to change this to a smaller version for Instagram on request.

Make the optimal choice for your explainer video

For small budget
  • Order with short briefing
  • Your own text proposal
  • Standard graphics / animation
  • Robot voice
  • Quick Correction
The maximum added value package
  • Detailed advice
  • Text from professional to vote
  • Animation in landscape and portrait
  • Correction text and video preview
  • German speaker
  • Translation of the texts
  • English speakers
  • 2 landscape videos
  • 2 portrait videos

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