Free checklist on digital accessibility for book publishers

Attention! Publishers take note! Are you already familiar with our checklist for the successful implementation of accessibility in digital publications? As a publisher, you can use this checklist to quickly and easily check your status in terms of digital accessibility. You can use it to find out whether people with disabilities can use your digitized books, e-books, PDFs, audio books, websites or apps. Participation in the world of books is a human right.

Digital accessibility plays a crucial role in enabling equal participation for all people. What has already been mandatory for the public sector for some time will also apply to the private sector from 2025. Of course, this also applies to publishers and their publications, magazines and books. By implementing digital accessibility, you as a publisher are sustainably safeguarded for the future.

Our barrier-free checklist for digital accessibility provides you with a helpful basis for meeting the legal requirements for accessibility now. It helps you to get a clear picture of these questions, among others: Are the documents clearly structured? Does your media content have alternatives? Can the font size be adjusted? Are the contrasts sufficient?

Download our free and even accessible checklist here now:

Don’t forget: Inclusion is not an option, but a necessity.