Check your website for accessibility yourself!

What is the BITV test?
This BITV test is an easy way to check your website for accessibility. It shows you whether your content is accessible for people with different abilities.

Why is this important?
Digital accessibility means that your website is usable for all people, regardless of limitations and disabilities. Accessibility creates an inclusive online environment, improves the user experience and even expands your customer potential!

How does this BITV test work?
Simply download the test, apply it to a website of your choice and enter the results! The steps are easy to understand and will help you to identify and remove barriers on your own.

Download the free BITV test now:

Every test carried out brings us all one step closer to a more inclusive digital world!
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One more technical note:
This BITV test is an interactive PDF and contains the 60 most important criteria of the BITV. In the near future, we will expand this BITV test to include the current 98 criteria of BITV 2.0. We are also making the PDF barrier-free in accordance with the PAC standard so that it is accessible to everyone.

Huge thanks to Peggy and Thea for creating this wonderfully helpful document.