ConDiSys – Our innovation saves you time and money in your IT projects

We help you to successfully manage complex digitisation projects – combined with ease, speed and cost-efficiency. For you, we have aggregated our best in the innovative product. Make the most of the advantage of the market launch.


ConDiSys delivers target platforms of all kinds – websites, PC software and mobile apps. ConDiSys is easy to use, so you get productive results quickly. ConDisys is cost-efficiently delivers verified multilingualism through clever integration of AI. ConDiSys is the universal solution for all business and administration scenarios. ConDiSys ensures accessibility and participation through correctly implemented accessibility.

If any of the questions apply to you, we could help you too

  • Do you have a major digitisation project to manage?
  • Professional programming on all platforms is important to you?
  • Do you have demanding content that needs to be made widely available?
  • Do you value user-friendliness and good design?
  • Do you value user-friendliness and good design?
  • Does your digital product have to meet the highest standards?

How to successfully manage your large-scale digitisation projects with our ConDiSys

  • For content and topics of all kinds
    Whether companies or administration, whether platforms for migrants, authorities, work, culture, products, publications, information; from local to worldwide – everything is possible.
  • For a freely designable look
    We design the entire appearance of the target applications according to your specifications and wishes. This way you are not only innovative, but also convince with a modern design.
  • For all platforms and device classes
    With ConDiSys, all platforms (Windows, Android, iOS Web) and device classes (smartphone, tablet, desktop PC, terminal) can be served natively and professionally as end formats.
  • Broadly realised multilingualism
    A linked automated translation provides an initial basis in many language versions. An interface for translators enables you to implement multilingualism cost-effectively.
  • Accessible and inclusive approaches
    Through simplification of language and structure, universal design, appropriate programming and connection of assistive technologies, we could create barrier-free standards with ConDiSys.
  • Focus on direct togetherness
    Focus on direct togetherness
  • Matching federal and regional structures
    ConDiSys is designed for large structures, e.g. thematic, in user groups or federal-regional. This allows you to achieve an individual solution with a high degree of scalability.

Step 1

Please fill out the form so that we can understand you and your challenges. In doing so, please tell us something about yourself, your company and your digital products.

Step 2

In a free half-hour consultation, we find initial approaches and ideas specifically for you and your challenge. We conduct the consultation in person and very directly as an online meeting or telephone call.

Step 3

The first tips are a gift from us to you. If it fits, we look forward to a more intensive cooperation. In this way, we can certainly solve your challenges in a way that is 100% suitable for your needs.

Our social aid platforms were only made possible by ConDiSys

Welcome-App-Germany – since 2015

  • Help platform for guests and migrants in Germany
  • Already available free of charge since 2015
  • 16 integrated languages – now also Ukrainian
  • 10 main categories and more than 80 subcategories
  • Extensive helpful information combined with local
  • Over 30 integrated regions such as countries, counties and cities
  • Provided with over 500 helpful local addresses per region
  • As smartphone app, PC software and website
  • Actively supporting the learning of the German language

Family-and-work – since 2018

  • Citizens’ platform on reconciling family and work
  • Already available free of charge since 2019
  • 11 integrated languages – and now with Ukrainian
  • 15 main topics almost 100 subcategories
  • Extensive helpful information for a wide range of users
  • Supporting the reduction of bureaucracy through simple processes
  • Available for the pilot region of Dresden and the state of Saxony
  • Each with almost 1000 integrated local contacts
  • As smartphone app, PC software and website

You can dock onto these existing solutions easily, cheaply and quickly

Your region in the Welcome-App-Germany
One time
  • Possible for state, city or county
  • Individual region as microsite
  • Use of existing contents and structures
  • Easy integration of local content
  • Multiple accesses to our CMS
  • Direct support from our employees
Region in family and work
One time
  • For your city or county
  • As a website, app and PC software
  • Access to our CMS
  • Especially for your region
  • Proximity to the citizens
  • Explanatory videos for the texts
  • Accessible website
  • Helpful for reducing bureaucracy
A defect detector for your region?
In planning
  • Close to the people
  • Interactive
  • Innovative
  • In line with demand

Do you have a major digitisation project and want to make the most of our innovative, efficient solution?