How you can improve user-friendliness with digital accessibility, increase reach and increase your sales.

Digital accessibility is the basis for everyone to participate. Participation in digitization is a must for Alle are made possible. Our mission is a people-friendly and barrier-free digital world.

5 facts against the fallacies of accessibility:

  • Every person is affected by barriers in digital life.
  • Digital solutions of all types and manufacturers need accessibility.
  • Accessibility pays off for all companies and institutions.
  • Very few have accessibility according to legal requirements.
  • Accessibility is feasible with a manageable amount of effort.

Become an active participant in successful inclusion!

Accessibility has crystal clear benefits that debunk the 5 most common misconceptions about it. Take a look.

Peggy’s hot off the press book “Accessibility in IT” as your easy entry

Unser Taschenbuch zum Thema ist der perfekte Alltagsbegleiter. für Sie Sie können so gelingende Inklusion im digitalen Leben aktiv mitgestalten. Auf den Punkt gebracht erhalten Sie dafür alle wichtigen Informationen. Das Buch ist von der Autorin Peggy Reuter-Heinrich bewußt in leichter Sprache geschrieben. So sind die komplexen Themenfelder IT und Inklusion leicht erschließbar. Sie lernen damit, faire Teilhabe am digitalen Leben für alle als Menschen-Recht umzusetzen. Zur Einführung ist das Buch zeitlich begrenzt zum Selbstkostenpreis von nur 10 Euro erhältlich.

Our online course “Accessibility in and with IT” for your further education

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The online course Accessibility in and with IT

Open up the very important topic “Accessibility in and with IT” for yourself and your company in a convenient, contemporary and simple manner. This will give you the head start you need for 2021. The European Union has already announced major changes to the law for this year. Those who do not work on the accessibility of their IT solutions today will soon be left behind.

BITV tests accompanying development ensure your accessibility

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BITV tests accompanying development provide security

According to the human rights convention, IT solutions must also be usable by people with disabilities. How accessible and BITV-compliant is your website, app or software? You will find out with a BITV examination carried out by us.

We make your PDFs accessible – as they should be.

Legally compliant and up-to-date for a larger target group.
Accessible means making information accessible to everyone. As digitization continues to advance, the requirement for accessible documents is also here to stay. Accessible PDFs, by the way, have already been mandatory for the public sector since 2019.

You can reach your target group with attractive, barrier-free explanatory videos

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Accessible explanatory videos convey your message

With appropriately designed explanatory videos, you enable more people to better participate in important topics. With our explanatory videos, we convey your message to the people you want to reach in a simple, graphic, barrier-free and voice-over manner.

You will be optimally understood thanks to our texts in easy language

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Easy language is very easy. Just do it.

Long sentences, difficult words or anglicisms often make everyday texts difficult to understand. However, all people should be able to participate in social life in a self-determined manner. This is their basic right under the UN Convention. With barrier-free “easy language”, your text will also reach people with disabilities.

In the 2-day seminar we solve your challenges with accessibility

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2-day training: Accessibility in and with IT

Participation through accessibility is one of the new requirements for websites, mobile applications and program interfaces. It provides basic theoretical knowledge as well as practical implementation of the BITV. In addition to knowledge, the training also brings usable concrete results close to your individual challenges. We carry out this 2-day event remotely.

With ConDiSys, we make your digitization projects barrier-free

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Content Distribution System – Any content, device, and design

We help you successfully master large digitization projects. ConDiSys is an innovative content distribution system with target platforms of all kinds. Our solution is easy to use, cost-efficient, multilingual and universally transferable to diverse scenarios of companies and administrations.

  • Professional programming on all platforms (native)
  • Content, structure and design can be adapted to requirements at any time
  • Controlled data security and data storage
  • User-friendly update processes
  • Saving of scattered initial development costs