With accessibility, you increase the quality, reach, legal compliance and social responsibility of your IT solutions

Digital accessibility is the basis for the participation of all people. Participation in digitization must be possible for everyone. Our mission is a people-friendly, barrier-free digital world.

5 facts about accessibility education:

  • All people are affected by barriers in digital life.
  • Digital solutions of all kinds should become barrier-free.
  • Accessibility is worthwhile for companies and institutions.
  • Only very few pages are barrier-free.
  • Accessibility is feasible with manageable effort.

Become an active contributor to successful inclusion!

Accessibility has a crystal-clear benefit that refutes the 5 most common misconceptions about it. Take a look.

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Why Accessibility?

We spend a lot of our lives in front of the computer, tablet or mobile phone. There are various reasons for this. We often work on PCs because we have an office job. Or we use the various platforms for entertainment and information. That is why it is important for each of us to deal with the topic of accessibility in IT. This applies in particular to those who design and implement IT projects. This is how disadvantaged people are supported in the spirit of the common good.

Accessibility means clear advantages for you:

  • Your IT solutions become people-friendly
  • Your reach, target group and sales grow
  • A clear advantage for your IT projects and customers
  • Become an active contributor to successful inclusion
  • Implement digital accessibility in compliance with the law
  • Image strengthening through social responsibility

Optimal performance for:

  • IT specialists
  • decision maker
  • Programmer
  • Designers
  • Project Manager

Equally important for:

  • Municipalities
  • Authorities
  • Societies
  • Company
  • Agencies

Free initial consultation on digital inclusion

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Digital products are only first-class if they can also be used by everyone without barriers. With our services we would like to help you to become barrier-free in your IT solutions in the future. Let us clarify in a joint discussion how we can best support you.

Book “Digital Accessibility for All” as an easy introduction

The book by Peggy Reuter-Heinrich is the perfect companion to successful digital inclusion. In over 220 pages, you can easily explore the complex topic of digital accessibility. It encourages rethinking and inspires active action.

Online further training “Accessibility in and with IT” with certificate

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The topic of “accessibility in and with IT” is particularly important for companies and IT professionals. Learn in free time management and in a modern form as video training. The knowledge gained gives you the necessary head start for the future. After completing this course, you will receive a certificate of participation.

The 2-day seminar “Accessibility according to BITV”

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In a practical 2-day seminar, you will gain a compact knowledge advantage in terms of accessibility. You will receive theoretical basics and practical help along your individual cases. Solution-oriented and close to your own needs, you open up the complex topic of digital accessibility as a whole.

Professional conception and inclusive UX Design

We advise you on BITV challenges in your digital project. We check and evaluate according to BITV – from prototypes to existing software. We help to implement accessibility and establish standards with you. We deliver a BITV compliant inclusive UI design that is attractive and modern.

Your barrier-free web presence thanks to our accompanying BITV audit

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We carry out a comprehensive BITV test for you both during development and at the end. You will receive concrete recommendations for action from us based on specialist knowledge and experience. Show that digital inclusion can be implemented through BITV conformity. We will provide you with expert advice on your path to accessibility.

 Texts in plain language for optimal understanding

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Long sentences, technical terms or anglicisms often make everyday texts difficult to understand. However, all people should be able to participate in social life in a self-determined manner. With barrier-free “easy language” your text also reaches people with disabilities. Comprehensibility of texts is already mandatory for many institutions.

 Accessible explainer videos – good for you and your target group

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Explainer videos are the ideal way to convey complex content more easily. You reach new target groups and your topics are conveyed in an understandable way. Appropriately designed explanatory videos enable more people to participate better. Everything that is complex and in need of explanation can be ideally illustrated in explanatory videos.

We make your PDFs accessible – the way they should be.

PDFs must also be designed and implemented in a barrier-free manner. This is the only way they can be used by all people – as an implemented human right. Incidentally, barrier-free PDFs have been mandatory for the public sector since 2019. As experienced media designers, we master the appropriate design and implementation.

Development for software, apps and websites

We specialize in user interface development and implementation with proven expertise in C# and XAML based on .NET. We guarantee a consistent user experience with the same functionality on all devices – smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. We also master professional web development.

Opportunity for large projects with ConDiSys

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In large IT projects, the required accessibility is a particular challenge. A so-called content management system, which enables accessibility almost automatically, would be just the thing. Our ConDiSys already offers many possibilities. It includes all digital platforms: Internet sites, professional software and mobile apps.

Free initial consultation

Are you interested in a free initial consultation on the subject of digital accessibility? Let us clarify in a joint discussion how we can best support you.