So everyone understands your message

With barrier-free “easy language”, your text also reaches people with learning disabilities. A win for everyone.

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If any of these questions apply to you, you should have Plain Language written by us.

  • Do you receive funding support for your nonprofit projects?
  • Do you want people with learning disabilities to understand your messages?
  • Do you want or need to offer the content of your IT solutions barrier-free ?
  • Do you need to implement plain language because of BITV 2.0, but don’t know how?
  • Do you have to comply with the Disability Equality Act?
  • Would you like to be one step ahead when it comes to accessibility and successful inclusion?

Here is an example in easy language about easy language

For what easy language
Many texts are often too long. Many texts have difficult words. Many texts have foreign words. Reading such texts is very difficult for people with disabilities. The United Nations has written a law on the rights of people with disabilities.


People with disabilities should have the same rights as all people. Everyone should have access to information and digital life. Texts in plain language are particularly helpful for better understanding.

Texts in easy language can help these people:

  • People who can’t read well
  • People who find it difficult to learn
  • People who don’t speak German very well
  • People who have dementia

You can also reach more people with easy language on your website. Easy language is also important for accessibility in itself. Many companies have to implement these rules.

There is a set of rules of the federal government on barrier-free access. This is abbreviated to BITV. That means “barrier-free information technology regulation”. This describes how digital solutions have to be for people with disabilities.

We would be happy to translate your texts into plain language.
Then everyone will understand your message.
You can also reach more people.
You also meet the requirements of the BITV.

Your investment in a more understandable world with easy language


  • Conversation on goal and volume
  • You hand over the basic texts
  • Competent translation according to the standard
  • Factual examination by those affected
  • Incorporation of the corrections
  • Word document for your use

Our service for your tailor-made translation into easy language

1. Recording your goal in dialogue

In an initial meeting, we record your concerns and requirements. Starting point, target medium and concerns are taken into account. On this basis, we can immediately make a cost statement.

2. Elaboration of the text

Your text will be translated into plain language by language professionals. We work exclusively according to the rules of easy language. The text remains meaningful and is still accessible to everyone.

3. Acceptance and correction

Here are some examples that we worked out in easy language: