Seminars with us bring you much more than training with classic providers

  • Trainings and consulting
    Because we are experts in our fields, we are happy to share our knowledge with you and your employees.
  • Customized content on scenario
    Optionally, we adapt the content to your wishes and are guided by the software you are using or your current project.
  • Recognized trainers and speakers
    Our trainers are experienced experts with a lot of practical experience for more than 20 years each. With us you get so to speak chief physician treatment in your training project.
  • Efficient through practical relevance
    Through our constant work in and with IT, we give your employees important know-how from the field so that they can incorporate this knowledge into their everyday work.
  • Always close to innovation topics
    We offer training on our specialist topics because in our industry we always have to be up to date in order to be convincing.
  • Reusable results
    The practice exercises are designed so that you can directly reuse the results. This can even be a finished UI design.

If any of the questions apply to you, we could help you too

  • Are you looking for competent knowledge transfer from experienced trainers?
  • Are you looking for an offer that can be done on-site at your location as well as remotely online?
  • Do your developers produce software that is unenthusiastic and difficult to use?
  • Do you have employees who would benefit from our expert knowledge in UI and UX design?
  • Would you like a training in which the content can be customized according to your wishes?
  • Are you looking for training that will give your team a good quantum leap forward?

Schulungen, Workshops und Coaching

As experts in our fields, we are happy to share our knowledge with you and your employees. We offer training on our specialist topics for companies of all sizes and industries. Optionally, we adapt the contents to your wishes and focus on the software you use or your current project. In the trainings our trainers impart valuable know-how from practice to your team with high benefit for the daily work. UI design, efficient prototyping and joint coding create solutions that are of high quality and usable for you.

Current training topics:

  • Understanding usability (ISO 9241)
  • UI-design and user experience
  • WPF Application Development
  • Accessibility according to BITV
  • UWP Windows App Development
  • Mobile apps with XAMARIN

Our experts for your future seminars

Armin Reuter
  • Fraunhofer certified usability engineer
  • Multiple certified in the field of technology, project management
  • Main focus: Usability according to ISO, accessibility, website solutions
Peggy Reuter-Heinrich
  • Active as a designer for more than 25 years
  • Honored with Microsoft MVP Award from 2013 – 2018 (Windows Dev)
  • Areas of focus: UX and UI design, accessibility.
Lars Heinrich
  • Expert in C# and XAML as well as XAMARIN
  • Honored with Microsoft MVP Award from 2013 – 2018 (Windows Dev)
  • Areas of focus: Windows 10, LOB UWP Apps, IoT

Among others, we have already been engaged as speakers at these major events

Practical training

We train your employees on relevant IT topics through competent knowledge transfer from practical experience. Normally, we hold our trainings at your premises or in training centers. Our online training offer is also brand new

  • Trainings and consulting
  • Design, Development, Usability
  • Individual contents possible
  • Recognized trainers and speakers
  • Efficient through practical relevance
  • Always close to innovation topics
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Your benefit from our trainings

  • Jointly coordinated practical examples
    Through individually tailored content, your employees make a real quantum leap forward
  • Usable exercise results
    The take-home effect for your participants is therefore not only a lot of know-how but real work results that can be continued.
    Learning in blocks of work
    Knowledge blocks are mixed with practical blocks, so that what is learned is immediately put into practice using a concrete example.

After a training with us, your team will make a good quantum leap forward and take usable exercise results with them into everyday life. We ideally hold our trainings in groups of at least two to a maximum of ten participants. For online trainings, up to twenty participants are also possible. Our trainings are generally held as in-house trainings at your company. Online training currently offers you double security – on future viability through further training and on keeping healthy through digital distance.

You want to train yourself or your team efficiently, effectively and with fun?

The HeiReS trainings and trainers

How to find the right package for your employees based on their needs

Small training package
1 day
  • • Provides an introduction to the topic you have chosen
  • • Individual contents possible
  • • Theory and practice blocks mixed
Large training package
2 days
  • • Provides a deep dive into your chosen topic
  • • Individual contents possible
  • • Theory and practice blocks mixed

This is how you quickly get top trained employees by working with us

Step 1

Please fill out the form so that we can understand your learning project. In doing so, please tell us something about yourself, your company, and your digital challenges.

Step 2

In a free half-hour consultation, we find the optimal training solution for your employees. We conduct the consultation in person and directly as an online meeting.

Step 3

Based on this consultation, we will then make you a concrete offer, which is appropriate to your challenges and fits 100% to your needs.