How great UX will increase your digital product sales and revenue

  • Holistic UX conception
    So that a good user experience of your products is ensured right from the start.
  • Usability according to ISO 9241
    So that your digital products are also used gladly and sustainably.
  • A top design everywhere
    So that you always convince with a top design for your sales success.
  • Technology-oriented UI design
    So that the beautiful design of your product is technically implemented correctly.
  • Inclusive UI design according to BITV
    So that people with limitations can also use your products well.
  • All-around marketing support
    So that you can successfully market your good product – from print to social media.

If any of these questions apply to you, we can help you too

  • Your software is no longer popular and sells less?
  • Do you always have need of explanation of the software by the support?
  • Need UX design but don’t want to hire your own designers?
  • Does your digital product need to meet ISO 9241 standards because of EU funding?
  • Muss Ihr digitales Produkt aufgrund von EU-Fördermitteln die ISO 9241-Normen erfüllen?
  • Do you have a good product, but no good user experience around it?
  • Is your product good and helpful, but nobody knows, buys and uses it?
  • Do your developers produce software that is ugly and hard to use?
  • Do you have old inventory software that urgently needs to be modernized?
  • Is your product being bought less and less because the user interface seems old-fashioned?

Usability, UI-Design und User Experience

The sales success of a product is strongly dependent on its design. Through good usability, you ensure the constant use of the product. By means of the complete range of design services, user guidance and thus the experience of your software can be positively influenced in the long term – for satisfied users and customers. With the methods of Lean UX and efficient prototyping we create solutions that are high quality and affordable.

For this, we have the expertise of two usability engineers (Frauenhofer) in our team – trained designers and media designers with interdisciplinary media experience. Since our UI designers work with XAML and Blend, we can develop hand-in-hand.

Our various services for your better UX

All-round UX consulting

Tell us about your individual needs for digital applications in a personal meeting. Together, we will develop a customized, optimal solution for you.

Usability nach ISO 9241

The stable foundation of your product is a solid serviceability according to ISO 9241. Only in this way will your product also be used sustainably. We ensure that for you.

Cross-Plattform UI-Design

We professionally implement the design of your product according to your wishes in the specific rules of the different platforms (e.g. iOS and Android).

Graphic Design / Illustration

Your product will be sustainably designed by us with the best technology for you. We offer you everything from modern to CI compliant to barrier-free design, which benefits your product and corresponds to the concept.

Mark Up Implementation

If you like the design, we can also support you development-wise with the implementation.

Media and marketing

Successful projects of our happy customers and their users:

Our customers are an exclusive group of winners through UX

Alexander Klopp IDERI GmbH, Managing Director

I am completely thrilled – great UI design directly in XAML The UX ladies from HeiReS not only created a great UI design for my software. They also implemented it seamlessly in XAML. So I was able to shine with it with my customers in no time.

Ben Deutscher PayPal, Experience Consulting Manager

Rock ‘n’ Roll! You are a great team and it’s nice to see that you can combine very professional work and a humanly pleasant atmosphere so well.

Daniel Rees MOBISYS, Head of Product Development Mobile Clients

Thanks to your advice and cooperation regarding usability and design, we now have a product that we can proudly present to our customers. Our target groups now understand the software in a few minutes and can work with it quickly and intuitively.

Bernhard Schmitt Densply Sirona, Head of Software Development Imaging Systems

Good software is only created in highly motivated project teams with clear objectives. It inspires users, which can almost always be traced back to an exceptionally good user experience. That’s why we attach great importance to the development and design of the user interface and have found an extremely competent and committed partner in HeiReS.

Jordis Fink neusite GmbH, Agency Manager

I am almost in love with HeiReS! Together with you we experience a completely different kind of cooperation compared to previous partners. Technically highly versed in implementation, creative and competent in design, top reliable in delivery, super fair in price and handling and with super much fun in the matter.

Sebastian Grassl Microsoft Deutschland, Dynamics CRM Product Marketing Manager

Already the conception and brainstorming were characterized by a highly professional and very pleasant collaboration. The fast and 100% punctual implementation of the Windows App was impressive. The final result met all expectations and we are very proud of the “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Infocenter”! We are already looking forward to many future releases and further cooperation.

Better UX for your software

The success of our customers as a profit through good UX from us

Thanks to the digital solution, the customer can now digitally record all incidents 100% correctly. The operating process is so simple that the error rate has been reduced to almost zero. This has ensured an important safety aspect.

Through the digital solution, the customer can now much better communicate various internal company actions to their employees. This allows the employees to better respond to customer requests, which means an improvement in marketing and an increase in sales.

The new UX concept and the associated redesign have resulted in a software solution whose usability has been sustainably improved. The user finds his way more quickly into his work processes and intuitively understands how to operate the program.

The digital solution gives customers an overview of all their daily processes. The most important steps and deadlines are clearly displayed right at the beginning, so that nothing is overlooked. The simplified display of complex processes makes the workday easier. This makes work more efficient. Therefore, the staff can better respond to the patients.

Honored with several awards

This is how you get the optimum for yourself according to your needs

Small UI design package
One time
  • • Improved usability (ISO 9241)
  • • One basic design in two sizes
  • • UI design for additional pages
  • • Short style guide for programmers
UX flat rate tailored to your needs
per month
  • • 20 hours of expert service
  • • Available on demand
  • • Free from all UX services
  • • Reserved exclusively for you
  • • Monthly UX quantum leaps

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