We make your PDF accessible

In order to make content accessible to all, it is necessary to think through and technically revise PDFs, and we can help you with this.

Accessible means making information accessible to all people. As digitization continues to advance, the requirement for accessible documents is here to stay.

  • For municipalities
  • Authorities
  • Associations
  • Company
  • Agencies

If any of these questions apply to you, we are the right people to create your document accessible.

  • You would like to have your documents designed barrier-free?
  • Do you have PDFs and want to make them accessible to everyone?
  • Looking for experts in creating accessible PDFs?
  • Do you need accessible PDFs with form fields?
  • Accessibility is a legal requirement for your digitization project?
  • Your product helps others for the common good?

What you can expect from us

Checking and structuring of the content supplied by them.

Creation of the accessible layout in terms of structure, font, colors and images.

Implementation with Adobe Indesign or Word, depending on the complexity, with subsequent technical revision in Adobe DC.

We take special care that interactive elements such as form fields and hyperlinks work, but also that images are provided with old text, that the reading order is correct, that the right tags are used, etc.

Our service for your accessible document

1. capture your target

Send us your request, if available with your documents that need to be created barrier-free. Afterwards you will receive a cost statement from us.

2. creation of the document

We take your documents or content and adapt them according to visual and technical specifications, making them accessible.

3. acceptance

We will send you the completed form. We are happy to implement any change requests, always with regard to the accessibility of the document. You will then receive an accessibility report on the document.