We make your PDF accessible

In order to make content accessible to all, it is necessary to think through and technically revise PDFs, and we can help you with this.

PDFs must also be designed and implemented to be accessible. Did you know that? Only in this way can PDFs be used by everyone – as an implemented human right. Accessible PDFs have been mandatory for the public sector since 2019. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work to be done.

As experts in digital accessibility, we are masters of the design and professional implementation of accessible PDFs. We are only satisfied when everything is really “green” in the corresponding check tools for accessible PDFs.

  • For municipalities
  • Authorities
  • Associations
  • Company
  • Agencies

If any of the questions apply to you, we are the right people to make your PDFs accessible.

  • You would like to have your documents designed barrier-free?
  • Want to make your PDFs accessible to everyone?
  • Looking for experts in creating accessible PDFs?
  • Do you need accessible PDFs with form fields?
  • Accessibility is a legal requirement for your institution?
  • Your product helps others for the common good?

What you can expect from us

With our support quite simply to the goal:

  • Solution-oriented consulting for results at a fair page price
  • Capture document status and need for action
  • Revision of the documents towards valid barrier-free PDF
  • Professional redesign of forms and graphics
  • If necessary, re-typesetting with professional design tools
  • Final documentation of the valid accessibility
  • If desired, also knowledge transfer to do-it-yourself

We pay particular attention to ensuring that interactive elements such as form fields and hyperlinks work, but also that images are provided with alt texts, that the reading order is correct and that the correct tags are used.

With us at your side, you can achieve a wide range of accessible PDFs easily, cost-effectively and quickly. This will finally rid you of your worries, especially about legally compliant PDFs. If you continue to wait, the pressure for violating specifications will increase – and so will the guilty conscience towards people with disabilities.

To ensure participation for all people, we have even made many of our own PDFs accessible – including entire books. Our satisfied customers for verifiable accessible PDFs include the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, the environmental agency, as well as universities, NGOs and smart cities.

Our services for your accessible documents

1. Capture your target

Send us your request, if available with your documents that need to be barrier-free. You will then receive a cost estimate.

2. Creation of the document

We take your documents or content and adapt them according to visual and technical specifications, making them accessible.

3. Acceptance

We will send you the completed form. We will gladly implement any change requests, always with regard to the accessibility of the document. You will then receive an accessibility report on the document.