Development-accompanying BITV examination

Thus we ensure BITV conformity for you already during development

Accessibility ensured from the start

Because you will only receive the certificate of accessibility at the very end if you constantly have yourself tested for it throughout your development.

All-round advice on BITV

Because a test report accompanying the development will only help you if you are given a little advice on how to implement it.

BITV testing of IT experts

After all, only those who know the effects of design and development can make professional judgments about what is wrong and make serious recommendations about what should be better.

In three simple steps to the helpful development-accompanying BITV test

1. free consultation

In a short consultation, we agree on the pages and the depth of the BITV audit. This way you get the fast approach for you, but also a cost forecast fitting your needs.

2. performance of the BITV test

In perfect form and rich in detail, you receive an audit report that gives you an accurate picture of the BITV level of your project. The report analyzes each page along each criterion and, in case of BITV violations, provides helpful guidance on how you could fix them.

3. technical advice

In a detailed consultation, we go far beyond the BITV results. We help you to understand the problem. In particular, we provide you with solutions and technical tips that you can implement yourself to achieve good accessibility.