We design your digital solutions for good usability

Customer loyalty through satisfied users

A sustainable product with good usability is gladly used. This leads to customer satisfaction and the chance to win new customers.

Sustainably invested development performance

An IT solution must meet all challenges and offer the user a sustainable user experience. This is what the valuable performance of the developers creates.

Good and safe serviceability

With our services, your product will be optimally fit for use. We also fulfil the legal requirements, such as for computer workstations.

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Partnership in your project

Project management support
Communication and coordination are the foundations of your project’s success. Our experts accompany the entire process in constant dialogue, with valid time planning, budget reconciliation and coordination of tasks.

Joint workshops
Supplementary joint on-site appointments contribute to the feeling of togetherness and bring great success in a short time. So we should meet from time to time – at your place or at ours. The main thing is that we work well together.

Our services

  • Holistic project support by our experts
  • Joint workshops if required

Good UX design for your products

Familiarisation and basic requirements
Understanding the technical requirements and the implementation of your product are key for us. Our goal: good design that offers the user of your solution a great experience. In doing so, we intensively coordinate your ideas and objectives.

Basic UX concept with user groups
A written UX concept ensures acceptance by the users. The focus is on the user groups including needs and requirements. Initial approaches for the later operation of your product are also included in the concept and ensure success.

Our services

  • Intensive thematic familiarisation and coordination with your project
  • Written UX concept with user groups and requirements

Tests on the usability of your products

Heuristic evaluation as a stock analysis
The existing solution is checked by our experts with regard to the application. Proposed solutions are created so that usability in accordance with ISO standards is virtually guaranteed during subsequent implementation.

Usability-Test Lautes Denken
The prototype or the final product is tested with real users. This so-called usability test ensures the suitability for use. An expert accompanies these tests and records the feedback in writing. This enables important conclusions to be drawn for corrections.

Our services

  • Carrying out a heuristic evaluation along your inventory solution
  • Elaboration with suggestions for improvements according to ISO standard 9241

Interaction design for your product success

Sketchy click-dummy
An operable prototype with application pages and explanations gives a good preview of the future application. A sketchy style encourages exchange and retains flexibility for possible changes and additions.

Our services

  • Elaboration of a clickable interaction prototype
  • Application pages in sketchy representation