For best usability according to ISO 9241

Expanding customers through user satisfaction

Because only a product that is easy to use will be used for a long time. In this way, you not only retain your customers, but also increase the chance of upsells.

Properly invested development effort

Because only with an IT product that solves your users’ problems and can really be used as a tool will you make the right use of your valuable developer power.

Good serviceability with safety

Thanks to our usability services, your product will be optimally suited for use and will even comply with the legal requirements for computer workstations and the requirements for tenders.

Project support

Project management support
A project-accompanying communication as well as supporting coordination of the work are the basis for your project success. Our certified experts provide continuous communication, valid time planning with budget reconciliation as well as the coordination of all activities.

Joint workshops
Joint on-site appointments bring a sense of “we”, but also great success in a short time. So every now and then we should meet – at your place or at ours. The main thing is that we work well together. Full-day or half-day appointments at your place or at ours. Either one or two people – depending on your needs. Travel costs are at the expense of the customer, but the benefits are great.


Familiarization and basic requirements
A crystal-clear understanding of requirements and the technical state of affairs as well as efficient work according to clear non-technical requirements ensures the success of the project right from the start. In order to create a successful precision landing for you in the end, we carry out an intensive subject-specific familiarization and material analysis as well as a common objective with an agreed definition of requirements at the beginning.

Basic-UX-concept with user groups
In a written UX concept, the basis for the acceptance of the project by the user is laid through true user-centeredness. In doing so, the users come intensively into focus through the user groups, their usage context as well as personas. This written basic UX concept provides you with complete user groups and usage context, user-centric requirements as well as approaches for operating flows.


Heuristic evaluation as inventory analysis
The existing solution is examined in an expert analysis and critical usage scenarios are extracted. Proposed solutions are then given. Subsequent implementation in line with this recommendation virtually guarantees usability in accordance with ISO 9241.heuristic evaluation along the present approach or the as-built solution and elaboration of the necessary improvements.

Usability-Test Thinking Aloud
The prototype or final product is subjected to a reality test by using it with real users. This usability test with real users is used to ensure usability. The users go completely through the application with guided tasks. An expert observes the users during use and listens carefully. Important conclusions for corrections are then drawn from the notes or recordings.


Sketchy click dummy
A clickable prototype with important pages provides a good framework and feel for the future application. The sketchy style encourages sharing and maintains flexibility. Elaborate a clickable interaction prototype with relevant screens to primary usecases in a sketch look.

High quality interaction prototype