How to effectively save money and sell your product better with sustainable and user-friendly development.

Closely intertwined with usability and design
So that the end users of the software can use it better and thus increase their sales.
UI/UX development
So that not only the functionality is right, but also the user experience is not neglected.
Focus on C# and XAML
To make sure you get a top-notch product, work with professionals like us.
Cross-platform with XAMARIN
So that your product is available everywhere and you have the greatest possible reach for your user group.
Proven Microsoft expertise
So that your software always complies with the standards and can therefore be sustainably further developed in the future.
App development Android and iOS
So that your product can be used on all platforms.
Websites according to new standards
So that your web project is professional and therefore successful.
Accessibility according to BITV 2.0
So that everyone can use your software without restrictions and your software is compliant with the law.

If any of the questions apply to you, we could help you too

  • You are looking for an IT partner who supports you reliably and in partnership in your projects?
  • The user interface is important to you because the satisfaction of your customers is close to your heart?
  • You want to benefit from great experience in XAML and C# from Microsoft certified developers?
  • Do you need support in professionally setting up a website project?
  • You want to reach a larger target group with your software?
  • Are you looking for a team that is highly motivated to develop/design user interfaces?
  • Sustainable development is important to them because it saves time in retrospect?
  • Accessibility is a legal requirement for your IT project?

Development for software and app

Successful projects of our happy customers and their users:

Our customers are an exclusive group of winners through UX

Our expertise for your projects

The success of our customers as a profit through good UX from us

Besides our core competence in UI design and development for Windows/.NET, we were also responsible for design and usability for embedded systems, product development and design for ASP.NET applications, prototyping and accompanying reviews. ISO-9241 testing and consulting for new user interface concepts and future visions were also part of the work for this project.

We conceptualized a solution that was implemented using our proprietary content management system (ConDiSys).
Through the solution, all useful information is made available to the various user groups on all possible platforms in a user-friendly, barrier-free and fast way.

Our visual improvements, including animations, have significantly enhanced the user experience of the application. Furthermore, the newly implemented features have increased the usefulness of the software, making the client’s product more attractive to the end user.

As trainers and educators, we know the importance of intuitive learning strategies. Our flashcard app for Windows was born out of the need to constantly educate ourselves. Fast updatability through adaptable software solutions and easier access to new platforms and end devices with intuitive applications.

With UX experts like us on your side, the success of your product is assured

Development services performance of real developers
Our developers have education, certifications and advanced training in UI and UX development. So you get high-quality software solutions from experts.
Experience from over 100 projects
Deep project experience in hundreds of projects for large and small customers in all industries. You can profit massively from our experience.
Speakers and expert authors on UX and UI developer topics
For 10 years now, we have been providing impetus for innovative development topics as speakers. Benefit from the power of thought leaders like us.
Trend setters as educators, trainers and study authors
We teach UX and UI development. In doing so, we set the standard that others successfully implement. Use the power of connoisseurs for your projects.

With our deep expertise in UI development as well as in software as well as apps, we can perfectly advance your projects.

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Small developer package
One time
  • Improved usability (ISO 9241)
  • One basic design in two sizes
  • UI design for more pages
  • Short style guide for programmers
Developer flat rate based on demand
per month
  • 20 hours expert performance
  • Retrievable on demand
  • Free from all UX services
  • Reserved exclusively for you
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