2-day practical seminar Software Development in WPF

Discover the HeiReS Expert Training: Software Development for WPF!

When it comes to existing software solutions, there is often no way around modernization. Many companies use software applications that have been in use for more than 20 years and are often designed for the Windows platform. The Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) with .NET, C# and XAML, introduced in 2006, is the most professional and useful solution for modernizing your LOB (Line-of-Business) applications. However, even experienced developers keep running into challenges that slow down modernization.

In this hands-on training, our expert Lars Heinrich shares his knowledge with you. It’s not a top-down training, but an immersion based on his experience in large projects. With a focus on mature software projects, he brings your developers to the next level in line-of-business applications. Lars Heinrich is a certified Microsoft Developer (MCSD) with many years of experience in WPF. In his role as development manager at HeiReS, WPF is still his “bread and butter” business. Your developers will therefore receive valuable practical tips. If desired, Lars Heinrich can dig into your solutions while providing real-world solutions to problems.

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