Reference 2020/21 – Platform for building a gaming community – entertainment

Discord as a platform for the sim racing community

The challenge:
Platforms used by consumers, or in this case gamers, are often very different from what commercial companies want to offer or “sell”. It may therefore be necessary to familiarize oneself with new technologies and to use platforms that are already used by the target group and are established there.

The benefit for the customer:
Offering solutions that do not suit the target group always means a loss of potential dissemination. In return, the adaptation of existing and established platforms means reaching the target group where it is “to be found” anyway.

The way there:
After familiarization with Discord itself, a corresponding server was established for the community. This was constantly expanded in line with the growth of the community (members, technical requirements for Discord, integration and automation). The focus here was on establishing a member administration (3000+ members), structured communication channels, integration of external platforms and sources as well as task automation.



  • Discord Server Setup
  • Establishment of member administration
  • Setup of different Discord bots
  • Integration of Discord in website
  • Integration of social media in Discord
  • Support team members
  • Research and setup Discord extensions

Entertainment, online community

Technologies used:

  • Discord
  • Adobe Photoshop

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