HeiReS is one of four innovative companies at the booth of the state of Saxony at this year’s Smart City Expo World Conference in Barcelona. It is our mission to support municipalities in their digitalization and thus to move forward as a Smart City.

Would you like to find out how smart your city really is?

Then take part in our Smart City Survey. After completing the survey, you will receive an immediate status report on your current situation. Afterwards, you will receive a professional analysis of your individual situation combined with pragmatic recommendations for action, completely free of charge. It’s fast, easy and completely free of charge for you.

HeiReS Survey SmartCity

We cordially invite you to a short Smart Cities survey of your digital solutions, e.g. your website.

You will receive a professional overview of your current status. Duration approx. 3 minutes. Please give your assessment to all 13 questions as realistically as possible.

Click on the percentage rating from 0-100. At the end you can request your individual evaluation.

Please start now - it's easy for you. Have fun!

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Websites, apps or software must be easy to use for all citizens. How user-friendly and usable do you consider your IT solutions to be?

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Please assess the degree to which your digital solutions are accessible in accordance with human rights. To what extent can people with disabilities and limitations also use and participate in your IT solutions?

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The protection of your users' personal data must be guaranteed within each digital solution. How well have you already implemented the EU-compliant data protection requirements?

4 / 13

How high do you rate the verifiability of your proper data storage?

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Foreign citizens are also entitled to access your digital solutions. How broadly do you offer multilingualism and language diversity?

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Your digital offerings must be usable by all citizens in a variety of technical forms, e.g. as websites, apps, software solutions. How broadly do you cover the diversity of platforms with your digital solutions?

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Today, common standards, best practices and certifications for modern development technologies count as the basis for professional development services. To what extent do your development services meet these basic requirements?

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How well do you run projects with several different service partners?

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How high is the proportion of direct contacts for you at your suppliers? To what extent do you have the possibility of direct communication over short distances with flexible teams?

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Future viability, sustainability and corresponding quality must be guaranteed by experienced professionals. What is your status in terms of cost-efficient development and its quality assurance?

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How high is the proportion of your service partners with proven project successes and verifiable references?

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To what extent do you and your development partners implement modern agile development methods and cost-efficient modular approaches?

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To what extent do you ensure longevity and trustworthiness with regard to third-party sources as well as refraining from open source solutions?

Thank you for your participation. Please enter your contact details now so that we can advise you - if desired - individually and based on your results.

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