Today the Smart City – HeiReS® starts as an exhibitor

How will municipalities succeed in digital change in the future? How can new technologies and applications help? Peggy and Lars, shareholder-managing directors of HeiReS®, are looking forward to a lively exchange on the topics of innovation, sustainability and social inclusion at the trade fair in Barcelona that starts today:

„We want to make municipalities more innovative, sustainable and socially inclusive with our IT solutions. When it comes to accessibility in particular, people with disabilities have a lot of catching up to do – we have developed tailor-made solutions for this.“

But what exactly do these keywords actually mean? We encounter them in everyday life, but we often cannot really classify them. We are therefore presenting two practical examples that we have already implemented with our digital portfolio:

We have designed a digital information platform for the Free State of Saxony that enables a better work-life balance. Instead of a long search, you can find compact, useful information and contacts online. Updates are quickly imported using our own content management system (“ConDiSys”). The aim here is to provide users with a smart, digital offer – in future also barrier-free.

Another focus of HeiReS® is on digital solutions for people with disabilities. To do this, we create explanatory videos with subtitles for people with visual or hearing impairments. Companies and associations in particular benefit from a larger target group. The goal is to give everyone access to websites and apps.

The HeiReS® portfolio on the subject of accessibility now also includes checking websites, technical advice and translation into easy language. A holistic introduction to the subject is offered by books, online courses and seminars.