Motivating Inclusion with Impulse Lectures

Be a pioneer for social responsibility and digital accessibility!
With Peggy Reuter-Heinrich’s keynote speeches, we offer you the opportunity to make your event social.

The talks are a unique blend of brain, heart and humor that not only make you think, but also motivate you to take action. Whether you hold your event online or on-site, Peggy is available as an impulse speaker.

Discover the different possibilities for your event:
•Motivating and exciting impulse lectures – online and offline.
•Interlocutor for panel discussions, interviews and podcasts.
•Inspirational opening speeches that will make your event unforgettable.

By working with Peggy, you’re not only making a statement about social responsibility, you’re also inspiring people about digital accessibility. Offer your audience something special and innovative.
Let’s inspire and change the world together!

Contact us today to book Peggy Reuter-Heinrich for your event.