Reference 2019 Design Print – Non-Profit Sector

Design and conception of a print campaign for the new information platform

The challenge:
The dissemination and marketing of an information platform for very different target groups. We wanted to reach the end consumer as well as win companies and cities as customers for our platform.

The benefit for the customer:
Print advertising can also reach an older target group that is on the internet but perhaps less on social platforms. Also, e.g. offices and authorities are better reached by paper or direct contact than via online marketing. Another advantage is that you can place them very precisely to pick up people where they are dealing with the exact problem for which we offer a solution. Here, for example, with doctors or authorities.

The way there:
Posters, flyers and leaflets that address different target groups as support for online marketing. We developed a concept that appeals to the different target groups of end consumers (users) through emotional images. But also information leaflets that inform about the whole project and show the options for cities and companies.



  • Design
  • Concept


Technology used:

  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

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