Pilot partner at GlobalChildForum for WePledge4Children

After we very consciously signed the #WePledge4Children pledge at the GlobalChildForum in Stockholm in April 2018, we are now involved as a pilot partner with both companies HeiReS GmbH and IT hilft gGmbH. The basic idea is to commit ourselves as a company to upholding children’s rights. Our commitments relate to all five points of the program – supplemented by thematization as part of our free solution for better reconciliation of family and career. However, a declaration of intent alone is truly not enough according to our standards.


Thus, we will fully dedicate our St. Nicholas celebration to the topic of “children’s rights” – with the methods of design thinking familiar to us in a creative atmosphere. We will find out in detail what we can actively do and what contribution we can make. Just one week later, Lars and Peggy will join us for a first workshop in Stockholm to move from talk to action.