Digital inclusion conversations: accessibility and business

On 21.09.2023 we once again held our conversation about digital inclusion as a LinkedIn audio event. The important topic this time was accessibility and business. Here we offer you a little review and summary. Is the topic “Accessibility and Business” also relevant for you?

With the nearly 30 people in the audience, speakers Peggy, Armin and Simone shared many valuable thoughts.

This made it possible to answer the following questions about accessibility and business:
1. What are the essential 5 misconceptions preventing digital accessibility and successful inclusion?
2. Which institutions or organizations are already required by law to implement digital accessibility?
3. What are the negative consequences if digital accessibility is not implemented as specified?
4. What benefits, added values and opportunities for business does implemented digital accessibility offer?
5. For which target groups does digital accessibility offer economic benefits or business opportunities?
6. What would be a simplified strategy as small steps to implement digital accessibility?

If you want to know more about what was discussed, just contact us. Likewise, if you would like to have the checklist promised in the event.