WPF – The standard not only for LOB desktop software

9. October 2019

WPF – short for Windows Presentation Foundation – is still considered the best standard for developing desktop software for Windows computers, especially in the LoB segment, despite more than 13 years of introduction. There is a good reason for this. And that is why WPF is still the most sustainable and future-proof solution for companies.

A completely new approachThe introduction of WPF in 2006 represented a revolution in the approach to software development. For the first time, surface design was consistently separated with XAML and programming of business logic with C. This became the MVVM standard, which has now become established in all modern programming languages. This made it possible to change the UI design and the actual development of e.g. data binding, etc. not only architecturally, but also in terms of personnel.

Suitable for any Windows thanks to .NET
WPF relies on the .NET Framework, which is THE collection of development tools and interfaces for the Windows operating system. One of the biggest benefits of .NET is the availability of pretty much any Windows system (starting with Windows Vista, i.e. since 2006). Thus, WPF enables the development of software for companies that still have computers with an older operating system in use, but also for those who use very up-to-date systems such as Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.

Endless possibilities and extensions
The .NET Framework and the WPF development tools alone offer an extremely wide range of applications and components for very time- and cost-saving development. In addition, many additional tools and extensions have established themselves on the market in the last 10 years, which make it even more widely applicable and enable faster development, easy-to-use, uniform surfaces and much more. Thus, .NET and WPF are the best and fastest way to develop Windows software, especially when the user interface plays an important role.

Good starting point for mobile solutions
In addition to usability on classic Windows systems (PCs, tablets, laptops, etc.), .NET also meets the high demand for mobile solutions. A partially shared code base, cross-platform libraries and extensions such as XAMARIN make the development of mobile apps based on existing .NET/WPF solutions as "easier" as never before. However, it is particularly important to take this into account when planning and architecture of the corresponding components and modules.

Beware of uniform porridge and incompatibility
The availability of many extensions and components for .NET/WPF can be both a curse and a blessing. Although such an almost complete application can literally be "crafted together", one often pays a high price here, because the individuality, the adaptability and the compatibility of the individual components suffer from it. This is especially the case when the mobile market is targeted in addition to the classic desktop application.

Experienced experts more important than ever
.NET and WPF are "grown systems" that have had to adapt over the years to the ever-changing demands of software development. It is therefore hardly surprising how complex and sometimes somewhat unmanageable its possibilities are now. Many years of experience, precise knowledge of challenges, their solutions and best practices are therefore essential in complex software projects that are to be implemented in WPF.

HeiReS – Highest WPF Competence
Lars Heinrich – one of the founders of HeiReS – has been one of the leading experts in Germany since the establishment of WPF with XAML and C. Peggy Reuter-Heinrich – the second HeiReS founder – is one of the few UI designers in Germany who also actively works with XAML and Blend for WPF. Both were awarded the prestigious "Most Valuable Professional" Award from Microsoft in 2013 for their expertise and commitment. Together with a team of interdisciplinary working UI designers and UI developers, HeiReS offers highly professional .NET development in a wide variety of forms and for a wide range of industries even before the company was founded.

Der Nutzen jahrelanger WPF-Erfahrung

Unsere 13 Jahre Erfahrung in UI-Design und Entwicklung in WPF sparen Ihnen viel Zeit und Geld. Wir lösen Ihre Probleme schnell und kosteneffizient.