Workshop “Accessibility digital” by Peggy at the Business Network Inclusion

Accessibility in and with IT is a major undertaking and one of the future challenges in the digital transformation. That’s why Peggy spent an entire morning holding a workshop at the corporate network Inclusion at FAW gGmbH. It was great to see that interest in accessibility is growing. The participants were also particularly motivated by the fact that the BITV has now resulted in a fairly fresh requirement for accessible forms that must be complied with. Nevertheless, everyone first got involved in developing empathy for people with disabilities. Participants patiently allowed themselves to be introduced to every manifestation of disability, its causes and especially its effects. In order to show decision-makers, designers and developers that there is a lot they can do, I presented opportunities for each professional group to become active in the field of accessibility. Because only if we all pull together, we will eventually create accessible solutions that meet the given standards.

And I presented the Accessible Information Technology Ordinance as a thick board and showed point by point how we can achieve this along the standard specifications. Finally, I openly and honestly tested our IT solution for better compatibility of family and career to see where we stand in terms of BITV conformity. There is still a lot to do, but we are on the right track. I would especially like to thank Conny and Simone from the Inclusion Business Network for making this wonderful workshop possible. We will repeat it.