Sustainability: HTML versions of the Welcome app for 20 regions online

We are pleased to provide the Welcome app as an easily accessible website in the future. Our digital solution supports migrants of all kinds – be they migrant workers, foreign students, guests, fellow citizens with a migration background or asylum seekers. As a supplement to the app for smartphones and Windows PCs, the Welcome App is now also available as an HTML version with all content and in currently 16 languages. The special feature is that the participating regions have been separated out as individual websites, and the content has also been greatly expanded. A new topic field covers “education offers and job market”. The extensive category “Companies” will follow shortly. There cosmopolitan employers have the opportunity to present their enterprise as well as to refer to job advertisements. Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, cosmopolitanism is a key factor in attracting skilled workers.

Other regions are currently being prepared and will soon go online. The implementation of this quite elaborate provision was made possible by the non-profit IT hilft. Thanks also go to Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH – for the technical and monetary support.

Here is an overview of our regions available as a website, including links to them:

Germany and federal states

This is how sustainability works with us. It’s time to jump in or update. You are welcome to embed these web pages at your site as well. Contact us!