Special offer for our customers, partners and friends

Together with you and the non-profit IT hilft, we would like to combine social commitment paired with high benefits for you as a company.

We have recently set up two major projects on the topics of “Compatibility of family and career” and “Migration and integration into the labor market”. From now on, you can join in and benefit as a company at the same time.

The social projects are available as digital solutions in the form of websites and apps. They impress companies and employers in particular with compact information on the topics of family friendliness, certification, the labor market, the skilled workers’ alliance and health management. Users can find things worth knowing without a long search. Contact persons, links to further information, interactive maps and quick access to forms round off the offering.

Social innovations with which you take responsibility and benefit as an employer:

  • Spin-off of the non-profit IT hilft gGmbH as operator of various social helping free platforms
  • Free platform for more family-friendliness “Familie-und-Beruf.online” for all citizens, administration, public welfare and companies
  • Free platform for more cosmopolitanism “Welcome-App-Germany.de” for migrants of all kinds, administration, public welfare and companies

Our special offer for you as a socially responsible employer:
The integrated company portrait including job advertisements! This allows you to proactively counter the shortage of skilled workers. You can present yourself as a family-friendly and/or cosmopolitan company and publish job advertisements. Our websites have high user numbers and are the ideal platforms for bringing companies and applicants together.

Using HeiReS as an example, you can take a look at our Family and Career platform to see what your profile might look like:

Our non-profit sister company IT hilft gGmbH will completely take care of the integration of your company as well as the financial processing. Since they support with such a company advertisement also in one the receipt of the platform in the sense of the public welfare, you have the choice with the IT helps gGmbH: Conversion as donation with donation voucher as public welfare support or over calculation with 19% VAT for your personnel marketing expenditures.

Please contact IT hilft gGmbH directly: