Side by side with our social projects

23. September 2019

Although we at HeiReS have achieved a clear entrepreneurial separation between our core business design and development and the common good projects with the spin-off of IT helps gGmbH, we still often perform together. By participating in our trade fair stands or mentioning them in lectures, we want to actively support the good causes of IT helps gGmbH.

At our booth at Developer Week 2019, we at HeiReS will present our services as well as our public welfare projects, which we make together with the IT helps gGmbH.  This is where family businesses are in their place. The entrepreneurial couple Lars and Peggy as employed shareholder managing directors with Armin as employed usability expert of HeiReS. And the siblings Peggy and Armin as volunteer partners of IT helps gGmbH.


We also perform together as a team. After all, the link between HeiReS and IT helps gGmbH is the founder and shareholder Peggy. Here at Silicon Saxony Day we are even standing together with Simone from HeiReS and Kati from IT helps gGmbH. Together we are just stronger. Especially in the ITK industry, our non-profit platforms surprise very positively.


Here Armin stands as project manager of HeiReS and co-shareholder of IT helps gGmbH in an interview at Developer Week 2017.