Results-rich IT-hilft quarterly report Q2/2017

Dear friends, partners, supporters and interested parties,

Thank you for the constant and warm interest in our development. Therefore, today I would like to provide a status report of the non-profit company IT hilft gGmbH and the progress. I would be very pleased if this report also provides motivation to support IT hilft gGmbH. As announced, we would like to be measured by our deeds, primarily by digitally visible results. And these are – in my opinion – really something to be proud of.

This is what we have accomplished in the 2nd quarter of 2017, or since our founding in mid-March 2017

For practiced openness to the world and successful integration
– Complete transfer of the Welcome App as implementations available in the Welcome App Germany: Publications of Saxony level as a federal state (order), City of Nuremberg (sponsorship), City of Düsseldorf (sponsorship), City of Ahlen (order), District of Central Saxony (order), District of Harburg (order).
– New topics on life in Germany: education and training, homosexuality, telecommunications and the Internet
– Other languages: Greek and Turkish
– Technical enhancements: Bugfixing and improvement Android, publication of native iOS version, bugfixing and improvement of CMS.
– Currently still in progress: StädteRegion Aachen (order), Landkreis Helmstedt (order), Landkreis Mainz-Bingen (order)

For better teaching and learning as implemented Education 4.0
– Conceptual design phase: Small vocabulary trainer for learning German for the Welcome App in conception, in order to realize German learning for all directly for the users, bit by bit.
– Design drafts for “My flashcards” as a multi-platform solution
– Overall concept for a German learning solution – docked to the existing app as well as further developed as an independent multi-platform solution.

For equal opportunities in the labor market and society, including for the weaker members of society
– In conception: Large new area “Economy and Work” in the Welcome App with connection of companies as well as migrants for direct interaction
– In progress: Experiential story for imitation “My way into the German labor market” by HeiReS employee Yazan as well as related questions and answers for the time being in English
– Contact established with relevant bodies (federal government / “Unternehmenswert Mensch” as well as Wirtschaft für ein Weltoffenes Sachsen e. V.) in order to jointly further develop the platform ideas for fair opportunities

For accessibility, inclusion and genuine participation in and through IT
– The realization that we, as design and development experts, have to take on this topic, because the state and administration, as well as companies, are preoccupied with themselves in the digital transformation, even though there is a societal, moral and legal obligation to do so.
– Elaboration of a strategy and a graphic matrix
– Increased awareness among others created through various presentations and communications
– Simplification of the texts “Living in Germany” into so-called easy or simple language to reduce barriers

Formal framework of IT hilft gGmbH, shareholder expansion and non-profit status
March: Notarial foundation by Peggy as founder and for the time being sole shareholder at 100%, payment of the share capital and thus entrepreneurial starting signal. Management by Peggy in an honorary capacity as part of the shareholder contract.
April: Partner contract with HeiReS regarding transfer of the existing apps, service provision and use of infrastructure. This means that IT hilft is immediately economically active with executable solutions and also does not need a water head or its own expensive infrastructure.
May: Final registration in the commercial register as well as participation of further partners from my family – Armin Reuter 20%, Marika Reuter 4%, thus Peggy Reuter-Heinrich now 76%.
June: Official recognition of the non-profit status by the tax office in Dresden and thus the ability to make donations.

Advertising and public appearances or PR work
– Website presence with user numbers and social media with steady growth
– Business cards and small overview flyer
– High-quality 24-page brochure IT helps especially for large events
– April, May, June – in each case events with the Ministry of the State of Saxony together as exhibitors and speakers and in the meantime welcome consultants
– Nominee for the Emotion Award with IT helps
– June – two top-class conferences as exhibitors, speakers and participants: Wayfinder event Future Congress “State & Administration” at the CongressCentrum Berlin and Germany’s largest developer conference “Developer Week” at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center
– Book contributions in the book “Innovativer Staat” (Innovative State) by Wegweiser with a circulation of 8,000 on the one hand on IT helps per se and editorially on “Flüchtlingshilfe 4.0” (Refugee Aid 4.0)

Winning sponsors and the digital result realized for them in Q2/2017:
Saxon State Ministry for Integration and Equality / Dresden:
Saxon level as the first federal state and German phrases in all areas.
Ortel / Düsseldorf: The Greek language and the city of Düsseldorf
Wegweiser / Berlin: The Turkish language and all districts of the city of Berlin
Developer Media / Munich: The city of Nuremberg as well as the subject area “education and training“
VisioTax / Dresden: Thematic field “Homosexuality“

We are quite proud of what we have achieved in the first quarter after our foundation. Please feel motivated by the results to support us in the future. We have a lot of plans and we can’t do it alone. Therefore, I would like to ask you at this point for your help – also in the form of donations or sponsoring.

Thanks in advance.

Peggy Reuter-Heinrich