Regular donations to charitable organisations

Every year, we give up to one percent of our annual turnover as donations to charitable organisations. And we will continue to do so. Now you may say – you are crazy. Donations help charitable projects move forward with their important projects. That is important! And for us entrepreneurs, they are tax deductible to a certain extent. So why not? It’s easy to give something.

  • 2019: IT hilft gGmbH u. a.
  • 2018: IT hilft gGmbH u. a.
  • 2017: IT hilft gGmbH u. a.
  • 2016: Flying Help, Pro Asyl
  • 2015: Hope, Til Schweiger Stiftung
  • 2014: Deutsche Krebshilfe

If you are still looking for inspiration on where to make a donation, please consider the non-profit company IT hilft gGmbH. As we know very directly, they do not use the money for a water head, but exclusively for project work, project operation and project marketing in the context of their non-profit platforms. IT hilft gGmbH is fully recognised as a non-profit organisation and is happy to issue donation receipts even for smaller amounts.