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Mini-CI, stationery and web design with WordPress for a startup company

The challenge:
A start-up company is still a completely blank slate visually, so standards have to be set in the form of colors, fonts, design language and of course a logo. A website was then requested.

The benefit for the customer:
A company needs a corresponding presence in analogue and digital form. Similarly, business papers such as business cards to consolidate new contacts and letterheads are the standard. Online a website is a kind of digital business card and that is why it is particularly important to have one right now, in the age of digitization. Of course, the look also counts and so a professional website generates more orders and thus more sales.

The way there:
We accepted the customer’s wishes, worked out several design proposals and thus gradually approached their ideas with the customer. Logo, business card, stationery and website were created in the design. Then we looked for a suitable theme that met the requirements for a website and the designed design. We created several topic pages, structured and updated content, and finally we put a hand on the optics and that’s it. Super simple and super effective.



  • Design Word Press website
  • Hosting
  • Mini-CI
  • Logo
  • Icon-Design
  • Business equipment
  • Themen IconDesign


Technology used:

  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • WordPress

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