Reference 2020 – Creation and design WordPress website – branch mechanical engineering

New website with WordPress for a mechanical engineering company

The challenge:
There were no more accesses for the old website of the company. Thus, the website has to be rebuilt from scratch. This gives an opportunity to make a re-design of the site and thus create a professional Internet presence for the client.

The benefit for the customer:
A website is a kind of digital business card, so it is especially important to have one now in the age of digitalization. Of course, the appearance also counts and so a professional website generates more orders and thus more sales.

The way there:
We have analyzed the old website and received the customer’s wishes. Thereupon we searched for a suitable theme, which meets the requirements. We relaunched the site, structured and added content, finally we added some visual touches and it was done. Super simple, super effective and in several languages.



  • Design WordPress website
  • Hosting

Mechanical Engineering

Technology used:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • WordPress

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