Reference 2018 Development, UI Design – Industry Sector

UI redesign and development support in a software for Windows PCs in the semiconductor industry.

The challenge:
Complete redesign of a complex Windows UI. A metallic look was desired that has more depth or gloss and glow.

The benefit for the customer:
Our visual improvements, including animations, have significantly enhanced the user experience of the application. Furthermore, the newly implemented features have increased the usefulness of the software, making the client’s product more attractive to the end user.

The way there:
We reworked this project with many gradients and shadows to create the desired look. In addition, a pixel shader was programmed to get the buttons in the desired look.



  • UI-Design for Software
  • Controlset
  • XAML Support
  • Development in C#

Semiconductor industry

Used technology:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Blend for Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio

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