Reference 2017 UI, UX Design and Development – Passenger Transportation Industry

Conception, UI design and development of a software solution for PCs with a modern look and future-proof development in the local public transport segment.

The challenge:
An existing program is to be visually restructured from scratch according to fixed principles of ISO. Re-design, conception and development of a software that makes the management of complex processes in public transport easier and clearer. Everything friendly and modern packed in a good design. Simple, understandable and effective to make processes faster and more user-friendly.

The benefit for the customer:
The software has made it possible to easily manage complex content and processes. The usability and sustainable use has been improved, allowing processes to run faster and making work more effective.

The way there:
Conceptualization and design of the solution for PCs and tablets. Started from usability test, logo design, UI design to integration and development of the software.



  • Usability-Test
  • UX Concept
  • UI Design
  • Logodesign
  • Controlset
  • XAML Support
  • Development in C#

Passenger traffic

Used technology:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Balsamiq
  • Blend for Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio

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