Reference 2017 UI Design – Industry Medical Technology

Conception and UI design of a mobile app for employees of companies in the medical logistics industry to transfer their work into digitalized processes.

The challenge:
A software for sample collection should get a design including UX conception. It should represent the whole task process and facilitate the recording of values.

The benefit for the customer:
Thanks to the new design of the task processes, the user is guided through the work steps. He can now digitally record all samples 100% correctly. The operating process is simple and reduces the error rate to almost zero.

The way there:
Starting with the acquisition of the context of use of the app, user analysis and conceptualization of the prototype, to the creation of the designs, user tests and icon creation.



  • UX Concept
  • Prototype
  • UI-Design for Software
  • Icon Design
  • Controlset

Medical Technology

Used technology:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Balsamiq
  • Visual Studio

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