Our non-profit sister company IT hilft gGmbH

IT hilft gGmbH is a non-profit company with a focus on IT solutions for people who have a harder time in life..

Founded in March 2017 by Peggy Reuter-Heinrich together with her brother Armin Reuter as co-partner. IT hilft gGmbH thus represents the little non-profit sister of HeiReS. HeiReS not only actively supports IT hilft, but also entrusts it with four projects as a basis for making more of them.
Digitization is one of the most important topics today: Internet of Things, Industry, Work and School 4.0. Many people feel left behind by this rapid development; fears about it are understandable. IT hilft has as a declared goal to do good with the help of digitalization – for people with disabilities, impairments as well as migration background. The various IT solutions are intended to improve the everyday lives of these people. Justice means allowing the weaker members of our society to share in the benefits of the digital transformation. Please help IT hilft gGmbH to perhaps make the world a little bit better with its human-centered IT solutions.

The charitable purposes of IT hilft gGmbH and the projects for this purpose

For practiced openness to the world and successful integration
Universal, multilingual IT solution with information and regional added value to support interaction with migrants, asylum seekers and foreign citizens
For fair opportunities in the labor market and society
Platform with useful tools around the topic of reconciliation of family and work -helpful both for employers, employees and all citizens

For better teaching and learning as implemented education
Teaching and learning with digital means in self-study, school and further education for a fair implementation of School 4.0 with maximum benefit for learners
For accessibility, inclusion and real participation
Supportive solutions and barrier-free IT standards for participation in everyday and social life for people with disabilities and language barriers