“Meine Lernkarten”, is an interactive flashcard system to fall in love with. It is the most successful learning help app in the German Windows Store based on flashcards and card stacks.

Constant repetition is known to be the cornerstone of any solid learning strategy. Whether in school, training, study or professional life, a time and benefit optimized learning method offers numerous advantages. Whether at home, at work or on the road, users have access to their practice materials at any time and can thus optimally integrate learning into their daily routine. In addition to the creation of individual card stacks, “My flashcards” also offers the option of obtaining sets compiled by other Internet users from the comprehensive online database in order to save valuable working time and at the same time benefit from the knowledge of the large community. Refreshing past training content or learning an unfamiliar language becomes an enriching interactive learning experience thanks to the appealing graphics and intuitive operation.

MyLearningCards/MyFlashCards is available for Windows 8, Windows Phone and already successfully tested on Windows 10.

• Create your own card stacks and fill them with flashcards
• Add text and images to your own flashcards
• Search flashcards online at Quizlet.com
• Search flashcards online at Cram.com (formerly Flashcardexchange.com)
• Rate your answer right or wrong
• Sort your piles of cards : randomly, by progress or in order of origin
• Shake your tablet to shuffle the order of the cards
• Operate the card view by touch or keyboard (right, left + spacebar)
• Turn off animations for distraction-free learning
• Optional: Turn off all ads in the app
• Optional: Synchronize your flashcards on all your devices
• Optional: Save your flashcards locally on your computer or in the cloud

News about the flashcard app

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