HeiReS wins the international “A Design Award” in bronze

There are days in the course of a working week that are simply remembered as highlights. One of these days was Thursday, April 20th, 2017, because on this day we received an email from Milan that we would receive the internationally awarded “A Design Award” in bronze for our customer project Sidexis 4. We are pleased not only because of the internationality of the price, but also especially because Sidexis 4 is a dental X-ray software – a product that may not necessarily be classified in the context of outstanding design – whose user interface we have in terms of We were allowed to completely revise usability and design.

After the red dot award 2015 and the German Design Award 2016, we can proudly look back on a total of three renowned awards for Sidexis 4 in 2017. Since we had the great opportunity at Sidexis 4 to bring in our three specialist areas of usability, design and development very closely, this confirms once again what inspiring results can be achieved with a great team, a great customer and very good, interdisciplinary cooperation to let.