The challenge

  • Distributing content across a wide range of today’s devices and platforms is extremely difficult.
  • Each device has special requirements regarding design, usability, updating, etc.
  • Offline availability of content still a major issue for end users
  • Content creation/maintenance often difficult, especially due to large number of sources
  • Few systems available that consistently provide for multilingual content
  • Multilingual systems often associated with content and textual losses
  • Hybrid apps are often unattractive in UI design because of technology focus
  • Systems are mostly too focused on web or apps, rarely in the mix and almost never on software

Our solution

ConDiSys Backend – Central Access for Administration

  • Solid rights management, aggregating and customizable
  • Rights system for translation incl. review and release handling
  • Comfortable, easy-to-understand user interface of the CMS
  • Content extension with e.g. chapters flows directly into app UI
  • Preparatory Excel import for easier data integration
  • Different display formats via clever template system
  • Easily deliverable multilingualism through automated translations as a basis
  • Later: Not only apps, but also WPF as final format for Windows 7 computers
  • Later: Universal design and technical implementation ensures accessibility as standard
  • Later: Div. import and export options of the content e.g. Excel or Word
  • Later: website as supplementary potential final format

ConDiSys Apps – the consumer’s point of view

  • All apps receive content and updates from central data storage in the ConDiSys backend
  • Content update detached from app update, thus faster and more current
  • Native Windows development for PC, laptops, tablets and Windows Phones
  • Xamarin implementation for smartphones, tablet, laptops on Android/iOS
  • All platform development under strict guideline and usability compliance
  • Multilingualism for any number of languages implemented natively in apps
  • Language of the app depends on the language set on the device
  • Apps “automatically” adapt structure to content from the backend
  • Constant internal self-monitoring from the user’s perspective

Your advantages as a ConDiSys customer

  • No effort for new development of a backend with all requirements
  • No expenses for new app development for various platforms
  • ConDiSys already successfully in use and “stress-tested
  • ConDiSys is fully customizable to your graphic specifications, CI etc.
  • Single content source for all apps/platforms -> Low update effort.
  • All app users centrally access the same content you maintain
  • Low training effort, as all content managers use the same system
  • App offers many added values thanks to uniform UX and multilingualism
  • Constant control and management of update cycles by you
  • BackEnd highly scalable Microsoft Azure solution, quickly adaptable to any need
  • True offline usability of content on all platforms
  • Update of offline content customizable
  • Easy feature extensions through common code base of all apps
  • No webview in the apps but real, device-tailored development
  • Apps in use many times: You may benefit directly from internal further development
  • Content source not a fragile CMS but a highly professional Azure solution

Take advantage of

We would be happy to advise you on how ConDiSys can also be the basis for your apps.