Despite the general mood of crisis, we have a lot of positive things to report for you.

The current crisis presents us all with special challenges. But we wouldn’t be HeiReS if we couldn’t overcome such challenges together. By joining forces, we were able to cope well with home office, keeping healthy and order losses. Thanks to the team and the customers, we are optimistic about the future. Hopefully you are doing similarly well. A crisis is also an opportunity for change.

So, in the spirit of safety, we are now conducting our popular on-site training courses as remote-only courses. We are also working on online courses as future digital products. We’re even looking for reinforcements for our developer team. And as a bonus, we have reintroduced “Creative Friday”, where we work with creative power and fun only on instead of in the company and all educate ourselves further in new topics.

Benefit from flexible knowledge gain with healthy security through our remote training courses.

We have taken the crisis as an opportunity. Our popular on-site trainings have been taking place online in the virtual classroom since spring. Our remote trainings give you and your employees* a great knowledge gain in UX design, accessibility and development. This is done securely online for your sanity. Different formats are possible: short trainings, 1 or 2 day trainings as well as workshops with active work directly on your projects. The new “Accessibility” training is becoming increasingly popular. We do not currently offer pure on-site training.

The benefits of remote training:

  • More participants than in classic in-house trainings
  • Safety for all through physical distance
  • Cost savings on travel and premises
  • Compact units for more effective learning
  • Investing home office time in added value for the future

HeiReS plans online courses. Flexible continuing education on expert topics, as and when it suits you!

In addition to our remote training courses, we also want to offer online courses in the future. We are currently working intensively on this to offer you maximum flexibility in your learning. With catchy video sequences, you can ideally build up basic knowledge in new topics. The learning content is coordinated and made available to you in modules. The advantages are obvious: You remain flexible and can easily integrate the courses into your daily work routine. You learn at your own pace, can repeat things and have time for small exercises. The first online course is planned on the topic of accessibility. Other courses on design and development topics will follow.

We wish you all the very best. Stay healthy!
If we can assist you in any way, please contact us.