Checklist for your municipal IT projects as a smart city

For smart cities or municipalities, we have prepared a very useful checklist to help you as a smart city to set up IT projects properly.

This was very well received by our exhibitors at the large booth of the state of Saxony at the Smart City World Expo Conference in Barcelona. That is why we would now like to share the checklist with you in this way. We are sure that it will be very helpful, especially for smaller cities and municipalities.

Law specifications

Serviceability according to ISO 9241
Your IT solution must be easy to use for all users – measurable by the standard.

Accessibility according to BITV
People with disabilities must also be able to use your IT solution.

Liability DSGVO compliance
You are liable for EU-compliant data protection – indirectly also for your partners.

Data storage within the EU
Proper data management requires evidence such as TÜV certified servers.

Multilingualism of your IT solution
For foreign citizens, multilingualism must be professionally realized.

Quality of the IT solution

Digital solutions possible for all platforms
Deploying your solution on all platforms requires experience in it.

Professional development service
Development according to standards and best practices evidenced by certification.

Full-service provider for smooth operation
For your project to be successful, everyone must work professionally hand in hand.

Direct contact person at the service provider
Communication with contacts via short routes with flexible teams.

Partner selection

Sustainable development and quality assurance
Work with experienced professionals. Refrain from quick cheap solutions.

Proven references and project successes
For projects with you, partners must provide evidence of success.

Agile development via modular approaches
In order to achieve your goals, a modern agile approach is necessary.

Risk and opportunity assessment
Ensure longevity through clarity on third-party software and open source.

Well. What can we say in all modesty. We fulfill all points as your possible future IT partner of course. Feel free to contact us at +49 351-65615776 or by mail to