Big sustainability campaign: Upcycling the Welcome app on family and career

Upcycling is one of the most beautiful forms of sustainability, but also quite a challenging task. You take an old product and transform it in its entirety or components of it into something new, better, expanding, different.

A current example of the most innovative form of upcycling is the interaction of the digital solutions Welcome-App-Germany and Since both platforms are based on the same system – namely our ConDiSys – and are built on basic federal-regional structures, upcycling is not that difficult. It’s just work and this is what diengemeinnützige IT hilft has done together with HeiReS®. We have thus laid the foundation for making Welcome App regions into family-and-work regions at relatively low cost.

Upcycling is definitely a win-win situation for all projects involved. This includes the integration of documents, map views, common themes, but especially the inclusion of companies.

Get an up-to-date picture – here at the example of the city of Dresden:

For the version of the solution compatibility family and occupation in Saxonia ten districts and three independent cities were integrated as subranges, current description texts for the region in several languages, contacts, in addition, the processing of local pictorial materials up to means of publicity such as maps and notices.

Here is the example for the state of Saxony:

We all know that IT solutions for larger projects are extremely expensive. You can certainly guess what we have saved the state of Saxony in terms of expenditure on the one hand, and what we have provided in terms of benefits for the population and companies on the other. Please support us in future expansions – either as a region or as a company.

We have almost 50 regions in the Welcome app as an individual region. A transfer to the family-and-work solution would be surprisingly inexpensive. IT hilft gGmbH takes care of everything.