App development has always been a special topic for us. After all, we know only too well the very high benefit of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets that are reduced to the essentials, even in a private context.

From a very early stage, we have been involved with apps as developers, but also with a view to design and usability. Originally exclusively for Windows and Windows Phone – now also cross-platform for Android and iOS – we have therefore been able to build up correspondingly recognized competence and expertise in recent years.

We bring this not only to customer projects but also to our own very successful apps in different areas and fields of application – from casual games to learning aid apps to apps for complex knowledge transfer or information dissemination.

Welcome App Germany – Information system for migrants in Germany

Project website – Helpers for better compatibility of family and career

Project website

My flashcards – Our innovative learning system

BlocksUP! – Tetris in a different way but just as addictive

Dynamics CRM Infocenter – Complex content conveniently communicated

HeiReS Portfolio App – An alternative to the classic website

Microsoft MVP Central – Our global MVP directory as a Windows App