2-day seminar: UX and UI design for developers

The 2-day training offers you compact knowledge about user experience, usability and UI design. Practical exercises round off the content so that participants take away tangible results for their own practice.

The challenge:
“Every developer must also be a bit of a designer”. Especially development departments of smaller companies do not have their own designers in the team. Often, advertising agencies or marketing departments provide suggestions that do not fit technically. Nevertheless, software solutions, websites or apps should look modern and good and be sustainably usable. After all, design and usability is the key to sustainable product success. Therefore, developers often have to do UI design and usability on the side – without the appropriate training. This leads either to mediocre results or to excessive demands.

The solution:
This compact 2-day training helps your developers to be able to face this challenge of “being a bit of a UI designer”. In our crash course “UX / UI design” we convey basic design know-how as a concentrate for a good user experience design of your applications.

Special feature:
The knowledge is imparted on the basis of a concrete, jointly agreed practical example – preferably from your context. Your developers take away a lot of know-how as well as real work results that can be continued.

Your trainer:
Peggy Reuter-Heinrich

Necessary tools:

  • Technology for participants: Laptop or PC to join in
  • Software: Balsamiq or MS PowerPoint or Adobe XD

2 training days with 8 lessons each in 4 work blocks

Training content:

  • Usability General according to ISO 9241
  • The user and the context of use
  • The dialogue principles of usability
  • Needs, requirements and user stories
  • From the user story to the user interface element
  • Prototyping – Presentation and practical application
  • Creation of a simple interactive prototype
  • Optimal working methods in usability and UI design
  • Official usability test methods
  • Design thinking process and creativity techniques
  • Collaboration between designers and developers
  • Better design in five easy-to-follow steps
  • Design basics: design rules and design principles
  • Scalable layouts for different screen sizes
  • The design process in interaction with developers
  • UI design with simple means (sketches, Balsamiq, Powerpoint)
  • Extension of the prototype as a fleshed out design

UI design problems in your application? You can change that with lasting effect with this seminar.