2-day practical seminar “UX and UI design for non-designers”.

Dive into the world of UI design with our 2-day hands-on seminar for developers!

In today’s world, every developer must also be a bit of a designer. But often the development departments of smaller companies lack this important skill. Results from the advertising agency or marketing department often don’t fit together technically. Nevertheless, software solutions, websites and apps have to be modern, appealing and user-friendly. In everyday work, UI design and usability are often provided on the side, without the appropriate training. This leads to professional overload and mediocre results. However, design is the key to the sustainable success of your products and crucial for your sales.

Our compact 2-day training helps you to master the challenge of “being a bit of a UI designer”. We impart basic know-how in usability and design. This will enable you to create a good user experience design for your applications – in a quick start. You will receive the knowledge from an experienced UX designer, who will not only teach you the theory, but also deliver practical results.

We address your specific requirements and wishes.
-Do you have special needs?
-What challenges do you want to address in the training?
-Which projects do you want to work on actively?

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