Digital accessibility for all! A non-fiction book for successful inclusion (Paperback)


Inclusion and digital topics are new territory for many people. The author wants to change that with this book. Internet sites, software and apps must also be usable by people with disabilities.

In addition to the legal requirements, social responsibility for participation for more humanity also applies. The book shows detailed ideas for implementing and improving your own digital solutions – combined with food for thought after each chapter. Written in simple language, this non-fiction book inspires you to think differently and thus motivates you to take direct action.

Use the knowledge you gain from the book and become a pioneer yourself in the topic of digital inclusion, which is important to many people. This book is intended to support you as a constant everyday companion in your work towards successful inclusion. It is intended for entrepreneurs, IT decision-makers, designers, developers, the public sector and elected officials, educational institutes, inclusion officers, associations and clubs and, of course, for those affected and their families.

The author is an IT entrepreneur, UX designer and expert in digital accessibility. She also passes on her knowledge with passion in consultations, seminars and impulse lectures.

ISBN: 978-3-0007579-9-0

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