FAQ: MyFlashcards – english version

We are proud that our app „MyFlashcards“ is successful on both Windows store and Windows phone. Of course like with all frequently used apps there are some questions constantly asked by the users. Here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers.


Question: Do I have to buy additional features like the Cloud-synchronization on all of my devices?
No. The In-App-Purchases relate to your Microsoft-Account (e.g. name@outlook.com) and not your devices. Therefore all your purchases will be synchronized with every device where the app is installed and you are logged on to.

Question: How does the Cloud-Synchronization work? What’s the difference to the local storage option?
The cloud storage saves your cards to OneDrive – an online storage related to your account – which you will be able to access from every device that you log on to.
With that you are able to download and sync your cards from each of your device, from Windows Tablet to desktop PC. Your current stacks on the device will be replaced with the synchronization.
With the local storage option you are free to choose where you would like to store your cards, for example on an USB stick or your hard drive. Opposite to the account related storage option you can pass the cards to other users as well, like for example in a study group.

Question: I’ve bought the cloud storage option on my phone but now I can’t access it from my PC. Why is that?
If you have successfully bought an In-App-Purchase and one of your apps still show you the “Shop” when you try to access it than it might be because the licenses are not synchronized correctly. Usually this happens automatically for example after you restart the device. Sometimes it can happen that the Microsoft servers are overloaded and therefore skip the synchronization process. It is possible to synchronize the licenses manually. Open the store app and access the charm bar on the right side of your device.
Open the settings and press on “App-Updates” and then “synchronize licenses”. Now your In-App-Purchases should be synchronized.

Question: A member of the HeiReS team gave me the advised to close the app completely. How do I do this?
Both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone usually don’t close apps completely. Unfortunately they often still run in the background. That might be a problem, for example when the server sends new information to the app that might require a restart. Because of that we wrote a little summary for you about how to completely close apps on both systems.
Windows 8:
If you just drag the app from the top to the bottom of the screen it will fall in “sleep mode” but it is still not closed. You have to drag it down and then hold the window for a few seconds in the lower half of the screen until it spins. Now drag it out of the screen and it will be closed.
Windows Phone:
Press the back button (arrow on the left site of the Windows button) for two seconds. This will open an overview of all currently running or sleeping apps. Now select the app you would like to close and press the “X” on the top right corner.  

Question: I have an idea how to improve the app. To whom should I send this? Do you implement user suggestions?
We are happy to receive every kind of feedback you wish to offer to us.
We collect all the improvement suggestions and then our technical team will evaluate which might be suitable for the next releases. Since we are developing the app mostly on our own costs we are unfortunately not able to realize all suggestions.

Question: What will I get for buying the bronze, silver or gold sponsorship?
Clear answer: You won’t get any advantages or new features for buying a sponsorship. We’ve implemented this In-App-Purchase because, as mentioned above, we’ve created, designed and developed this app all by ourselves and on our own expense. The development of such an app and of course the constant improvement do cost a lot of time, work and money which isn’t easy to provide for such a young company. The sponsoring function addresses everyone who enjoys using and working with our app and who would like to support us with the constant process of making it even better.

Question: Will the App be available for other platforms, like iOS and Android?
At the moment we are not planning on versions of “My Flashcards” for iOS and Android. That is not because we don’t like to work with them but because our main development focus is on C#/XAML for Windows Platforms. Besides the app uses some Microsoft features like OneDrive storage. Regarding the current technical changes with the introduction of Windows 10 there might be a “My Flashcards” version for XboX available soon.

Didn’t find an answer to your question? Don’t hesitate to contact us on info(at)heires.net