Implementing accessibility in IT solutions? – We help!

How accessibility can improve usability, expand reach, and increase revenue.

  • Inclusive design according to BITV rules
    Because participation is a human right and also applies to projects in IT.
  • Many languages through automated translation
    Because that way, people of all different backgrounds can use your software.
  • Connection and use of assistive technologies
    Because the means of digitalization make it easier than ever to use.
  • Alternative representation for illiterate people
    So that disadvantaged people also receive all the important information.
  • Additional language Easy language
    So that the contents of your IT solution are understandable for everyone.
  • Keyboard control
    So that physically impaired people can use your software.
  • Videos with subtitles
    So that your content is understood by hearing-impaired people.
  • Develop in logical structures
    So that the basis for barrier-free IT solutions is created.

How accessibility can improve usability, expand reach, and increase revenue.

  • Your software is also used by people with physical or mental disabilities?
  • Do you always have need of explanation of the software by the support?
  • Do your developers produce software that is ugly and hard to use?
  • Does your digital product need to meet ISO 9241 standards because of EU funding?
  • Do you have a good product, but no good user experience around it?
  • Do you have old inventory software that urgently needs to be modernized?
  • Do your customers complain because your product is not intuitive and incomprehensible?
  • Need accessible UX design but don’t want to hire your own designers?

Accessibility in apps, websites and software

By law (e.g., Federal Participation Act), we will soon be obligated, not just morally, to implement accessibility. There are certain requirements that must be met to ensure inclusion. As IT experts, we can help you with this. Software can be made tactile and audible for a blind person.

A deaf person can grasp the content of videos, for example, through subtitles. An illiterate person can gain knowledge through picture language and listening. There are operating concepts, easy language, inclusive design and the integration of assistive technologies that help in the implementation of accessibility.

We are for more accessibility in and with IT

Peggy Reuter-Heinrich

IT hilft gGmbH, Managing Director and Accessibility Expert

Accessibility also ensures participation in social life, in working life and in IT solutions for people with disabilities of various types and degrees – as an assurance of international human rights and as an obligation under the German Participation Act and the specific ordinance for federal states.
IT cannot take away people’s limitations, but it can make their lives easier.

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Implementing accessibility in IT solutions – but how?

The key to accessibility in IT solutions lies in bridging the limited sense or ability by means of technology through the other senses.

  • Inclusive design according to BITV rules
  • Many languages through automated translation
  • Connection and use of assistive technologies
  • Alternative representation for illiterate people
  • Additional language Easy language
  • Artificial intelligence as a helper
  • Keyboard control
  • Videos with subtitles
  • Develop in logical structures

Unsere Expertin Peggy Reuter-Heinrich ist Pionierin für Barrierefreiheit in und mit IT

Presentation “Divercity by Accessibility” by Peggy at Smartcity in Barcelona 2019.

Presentation “Accessibility in and with IT” by Peggy at DWX in Nuremberg 2019

Presentation “Accessibility in and with IT” by Peggy for the FAW in Dresden 2018

Talk about social responsibility with Federal Minister Fransiska Giffey and Minister of State Martin Dulig (2019)

Funding decision handed over to Lars and Peggy by the Saxon Minister of Social Affairs Barbara Klepsch (2018)

Presentation of our IT solution to Minister President Michael Kretschmar at the SMS Summer Festival (2019)

Exhibition of our barrier-free solution at the ITOF of the state of Saxony Airport-Area Dresden (2019).

Presentation of our barrier-free solution by Peggy to the Inclusion Summer Festival Dresden (2019).

We help you to ensure that your application passes the requirements with top marks!

  • Task adequacy
    The user with a disability must be able to successfully complete the work tasks within the IT system accordingly.
  • Self-descriptiveness
    For the user with a disability, the IT system must be understandable and comprehensible in terms of content and operation.
  • Controllability
    A user with a disability must also be able to freely control, stop, and pause the IT system as needed.
  • Fault tolerance
    A user with a disability must also receive assistance and corrective instructions within the framework of our IT system in the event of possible operating errors.
  • Customizability
    Especially for a user with a disability, the IT system must be adaptable to their individual needs and abilities.
  • Facilitating learning
    A user with a disability must also be able to grasp an IT system and learn how to use it.
  • Conformity to expectations
    A user with a disability must be able to experience and operate the IT system according to his or her expectations – in terms of technology, content and operation.

Our social showcase project in terms of accessibility:

  • All topics of family and career under one roof
  • First app on the topic of family friendliness of the state of Saxony
  • Professional software with social responsibility
  • Modern mix of interaction and information
  • Free digital solution on all platforms
  • Accessible and multilingual (up to 15 languages possible)
  • Technology trends such as artificial intelligence as a chatbot

You would like your IT solution to be developed barrier-free as well?

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  • 1 hour consultation
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  • Basic knowledge and in-depth knowledge
  • Along your project
  • BITV short test included

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