WordPress – From own demand to business for customers

30. September 2019

Whether as a company, association or private individual – those who want to run their own website nowadays rely on content management systems (= CMS). Blogger pages, portfolio presentations, reference galleries and so on – for almost every case of websites with complex and dynamic content, there is a more or less suitable solution than CMS.

A content management system can be imagined as a kit for websites. Their big advantage over static HTML pages is the content management in the background. The modular design of a CMS allows you to add and change content, functions or even a different look-and-feel of the website quite conveniently. One of these systems is WordPress.

We, too, have been using Aauf WordPress for our websites right from the start. Yes, even the predecessors XAMLllab and XAMLfab were based on it. Because in addition to a pure web presence, regular blogging was and is very important to us. Over time, the content has become more complex, which goes well thanks to the many possibilities:

  • Appealing home pages as OnePager
  • Regular blogging with temporal and thematic sorting
  • Subpages for thediscussion areas
It's not always easy. WordPress also sometimes involves more complex challenges. Here are just examples:

  • Handling necessary and sometimes complicated updates
  • Successful defense against hacker attacks
  • Solution of server or plugin incompatibilities
  • Implementation of tricky requirements

However, the positive experiences with WordPress outweigh the balance. In summary, it can therefore be said that it is precisely because WordPress is so convinced of WordPress as a platform for websites of different applications, it is our first choice when it comes to convenient and cost-effective website implementations.

We now have over 10 years of experience with WordPress and several of our employees have extensive skills. We operate our own web server for hosting WordPress based websites. All our own websites as well as various project websites run successfully on WordPress.
With our WordPress websites, we meet all current requirements for modern websites:

  • Responsiveness
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Appealing design
  • Merchantability
  • Accessibility

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