Regular donations to charities

24. September 2019

Every year, we donate up to one percent of our annual revenue to non-profit organizations. And we will continue to do so. Now you may say – you are crazy. Donations help charitable projects to advance their important projects. That is important! And for us entrepreneurs, they are tax deductible to a certain extent. So why not? It is very easy to give something.

  • 2019: IT helps gGmbH u. (a).
  • 2018: IT helps gGmbH u. (a).
  • 2017: IT helps gGmbH u. (a).
  • 2016: Flying Help, Pro Asyl
  • 2015: Hope, Til Schweiger Foundation
  • 2014: German Cancer Aid

If you are looking for an inspiration, where a donation can be made, you can also think of the non-profit company IT helps gGmbH. As we know very directly, they do not convert the money into a water head, but only into project work, project operation and project marketing in the context of their non-profit platforms. THE IT helps gGmbH is fully recognized in its charitable status and is happy to issues corresponding donation receipts even for smaller amounts. https://www.it-hilft.de